Raquel Camino is a portuguese brand that develops, manufactures and markets women’s shoes. The brand was founded in 1985 and since then is proud to be a reference on the footwear sector.

A style that inspires

The knowledge, experience and dedication allowed us to develop a project that follows the trends and invests in the modernization and constant innovation. In each shoe we produce, our mission is to combine beauty with functionality and comfort. Thus, we only use first quality materials, with high standards of comfort.

Attention to detail is something we do not neglect, so we duly reflect on all the details in the respective phases of creation and production of the shoe. We want that you have a unique experience, when you use your Raquel Camino.

Customer satisfaction

The brand traces its roots in collaboration with multi-brand points of sale, through the provision of exclusive products to our retail customers.

Notwithstanding, we always feel the need to approach the end customer, so that each collection is adapted to the real needs of the common woman. In this way, direct sales to the end customer respond to an old desire.

In conclusion, our commitment to customers has been our strength throughout our existence.